Handicap Ramps

JC Decks & More is your dedicated partner in crafting custom handicap access ramps that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding regions. Our expertise in deck, porch, and ramp construction ensures that your ramp is not only a means of accessibility but also a beautiful addition to your property.

Handicap Ramps: Bridging Accessibility and Safety in Charlotte, NC

Traditional Pressure Treated Wood Ramp Decking: Embrace the classic charm and sturdiness of traditional pressure treated wood decking for your handicap ramp. Our expert craftsmen bring out the timeless beauty of wood while ensuring durability and safety.

Composite/PVC Ramp Decking: Experience modern innovation with TimberTech AZEK Composite/PVC decking for your ramp. This low-maintenance material combines elegance with robust performance, ensuring your ramp remains stunning and functional for years to come.

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